DIY Minnetonka Fringe Sandals

I have to say, I loooove the way this DIY turned out! I wasn't sure how the fabric paint would sit on the leather, but the colours just popped and they're so fun and are perfect for Summer! This DIY is super easy and was so fun to do, all you need is:
- Maui fringe Sandals
- fabric paint (we used this Pebeo Setacolor brand)
- small paint brush
- paper towel

Start by laying out a doubled up piece of paper towel under the bottom layer of fringe. Pull up the layer above and hold it with your hand, if you have paper clips or a big hair clip that would work as well to hold the top part in place while you paint.

Apply one layer of paint, if you use the same paint we did, it dried within 5-10 minutes, so by time you're finished the second shoe, you can go back and apply a second layer. 

Once you've applied the second layer, you can gently place another piece of paper towel over the layer you just painted, and repeat this until you've painted all four layers. 

Once all the layers are painted, leave the paper towel in place and let them dry for about an hour. Then gently remove the paper towel and let the shoes dry overnight.

you can choose your own design, go with all one colour or 4. Here's a link to the colours we used:
copper, bengal pink, lemon 

You can shop the sandals HERE and get your DIY on!