Pizza for Picky Toddlers

I've talked a bit about how picky this child is, I think it's pretty normal for an *almost* two year old to change what they like and don't like from one day to the next (or hour to the next!) I do love to cook, but this has definitely been a season of leaning on just what is convenient. Dan's had a very crazy few months, so most nights I'm just cookin' for my picky pregnant self and a picky toddler! If I'm being perfectly honest - pizza is often the answer. I've been doing a bit more take out, or breakfast for dinner than I'd like to admit to! A few frozen dinner options have saved me during this pregnancy. Hazel loves berries, oatmeal, and pizza, she will almost never turn those things down, and neither will I ;)

I'm excited to share this new Delissio flavor the pizzeria vintage chicken parmesan! We stopped eating pork a few months ago, so I was excited to find a new option with chicken! It really is delicious, I'm a sucker for anything with bread crumbs.

Food is something I've learned to not take so seriously as a parent. I would stress when Hazel would go on a hunger strike and refuse anything for dinner! She always eats a giant breakfast but by the end of the day she usually just won't eat much. This used to drive me insane, but I know she won't starve herself! Also, does anyone else's toddler only ever want snacks?? If I call something lunch she is not interested but if I call it a snack she's game. Toddlers, they are a mind game sometimes.