Link Love

  •  New FAV foundation is Gabriel Moisturizing Liquid Foundation in Pale Ivory. I have used it for about a week and I absolutely LOVE it. It's the first time I have ever tried liquid foundation. I was afraid it would make my skin too shiny because my skin is naturally prone to be a bit oily. I have loved it so far, and it has really really good coverage for being a "low on the toxic scale" natural foundation! It is a 3 on the think dirty app, which made me super happy. It is super creamy, and has a natural look finish to it. I don't like to wear tons of make up, but need to cover my uneven skin because of previous acne problems. This honestly works so well! I use our Pink House Clay powder makeup on top to even out the base - we will be selling this soon :))
  • I have been using only our **BRAND NEW Peach Glow Stick for Pink House. It isn't released yet, but boy, it's my favourite so far, and it's the only thing I use for colour on my face! That and our new Champagne Glow Stick -- can't wait to release them along with 2 other fun Summer colours! 
  • I just got a blush pink duvet cover from Urban Barn and I'm prettttty excited about it! I just moved last month and it's taking some time to put my room together. I can't wait to snuggle up in this.
  • SUMMER SUNNIES! I finally got some polarised sunnies from Ollie Quinn and finally, I have been able to wear them because the sun has been showing it's face *insert major heart eyes
  • *oy* dream summer shoes. 
  • Maybe this summer I will finally take the plunge and order one of these.