Link Love // Pink on Pink

Happy Friday and yay for a long weekend! I don't know about you, but this was a long week for me and I'm really looking forward to seeing friends and family this weekend. Hazel usually has one day with her Nana and one with her Grandpa over the week while I work but this week that didn't work out with my dad moving and kitchen renos at my in-laws! It's been both really nice to have a bit of a quieter week at home, but also leaves me a bit ancy, overwhelmed....aaand tired. Toddlers are crazy, haha. On top of that Dan is having the busiest month ever. It's so exciting, all of the projects he's working, and it's not always like this, so I'm counting down the days until JUNE! 

I'm really looking forward to a week on the Oregon Coast, lots of beach time, chill family time, and our first little getaway as a family! I really want to take Hazel to the Seattle Zoo as well! Anyone have any recommendations of where to stay in Seattle? 

Eight random things:

  • I dyed this dress using avocado pits, isn't that amazing?! I currently have 10 more pits soaking in my kitchen and I'm trying to decide what to dye next! 
  • I ripped off all the decals and did a big purge of Hazel's room last week. Gotta make room for another crib! I want to change it up a bit, I'll probably put some new decals in, so excited to do that. Also really want to get this chair.
  • Linds and I are going to be posting a lot more about natural beauty products that we've been loving! Just started using this foundation by Sappho and I love it.
  • How dreamy is this house. So excited to spend a few nights here. 
  • I popped into Hazel & Jools earlier this week and fell in love. It's always so inspiring to find a shop that is totally aligned with how you feel about clothing these days! I am currently wearing the most comfortable pair of leggings that I'm going to live in. She carries so many great clothes, (not just maternity) and all of her own pieces are made locally, I love that! 
  • I just finished watching Big Little Lies. SO good. 
  • I made this tortilla soup yesterday, it was so easy and so tasty. I didn't add any meat, just used what it had in the bag and plus an onion and can of diced tomatoes. Topped with lots of avo, greek yoghurt and chips, definitely making that one again, and it made so much! Leftovers for days.
  • This is my dream baby romper, I need to learn how to sew.