Half Up Braided Hair Tutorial

Yes, this is thee most simple hair tutorial of all time, but it's a fun twist on the classic half up top knot. The braid gives it a bit more of a full look and I find it stays in place better, especially for longer hair! My hair being this long can have a mind of it's own and when I think it's in a nice top knot, I catch a glimpse halfway through the day and it's turned into a creature of it's own. Long hair problems? I need a cut. 

1. Start by parting the top section of your hair (just above your eyebrow) with a fine comb and secure the top section with an elastic. 
2. Braid the top section, and secure braid with an elastic. Pull pieces of the edges of the braid to make it look more full.
3. Wrap the braid around the elastic and around itself and secure it with a few bobby pins until it's in place.

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