Pear Ginger & Sage Fizzi with Soda Stream

Yay for mocktails that are anything but ordinary! Before I got pregnant Dan and I really got into enjoying delicious cocktails! He has become a bit of a pro and can make some amazing drinks. I have been craving something a bit more exciting drinks that aren’t just ginger beer or a fancy lemonade, and I must say have been a bit disappointed by the lack of mocktail options in most restaurants! I have been obsessed with pears the last few weeks and also with mixing herbs and fruit. This mocktail is just the perfect combo and realizing how easy it was to make definitely added some excitement back into my day-to-day!

Lindsay and I are so excited to partner with SodaStream over this year to create some tasty drinks that help us lose the flat and avoid typical and ordinary drinks. We looove making new drink recipes and can’t wait to scheme up some more with our SodaStream! This recipe would also taste delicious as a cocktail with a nice whiskey added, a bit of a twist on a whiskey ginger.

Every other Monday Dan and I host a Documentary night at our apartment, and it has become one of my favourite nights of the week! A bunch of our friends come over and bring drinks and appys and we eat together, drink wine and watch a documentary! Sometimes we spend most of the night chatting and watch a quick episode of Planet Earth or something, it’s such a great group of people and has become a really special thing! Wine and cocktails are a big part of it and so it’s been fun to have the SodaStream to add another mix of excitement to the drink options, whether it’s simply bubbly water or using it to fizz up a cocktail!

For the Pear Ginger & Sage Fizzi:

  • In a glass pour 2 oz of pear juice or pear nectar, add a few sage leaves and muddle for about a minute until the sage is nice and fragrant.

  • Add 1 oz of SodaStream Ginger Ale Syrup

  • Fill to top with SodaStream sparkling water.

  • Garnish with a fresh slice of pear.

Ok we are both honestly so blown away by how simple this is to use. No plugs necessary, kind of a dream in our studio with awkwardly placed outlets. It only took a few seconds and we had fresh sparkling water! Having this addition to our studio will certainly add a bit more excitement to our work days!

Lindsay and I have been talking about the changes we’ve made in our lifestyle over the last year, and making the switch to natural products and working with brands that we can truly stand behind! It’s funny how it slowly creeps into every aspect of your life. I’ve started really becoming aware of waste and packaging and how much unnecessary plastic is on so many things I buy! It really gets me excited thinking about simple ways to change up what has become so normal in my life. I’ve been eyeing up buying beeswax wrap that’s reusable instead of plastic wrap, I try to always carry around a travel mug and have used way less paper cups and lids on to-go coffees. Once you start making these everyday changes you realize what an impact a small change can make!