Link Love Friday

We were spoiled a few weeks ago with a big box of assorted teas from local company New Moon Tea Co. We have been loving them on these cold snowy winter days! How cute are these knit tea cosies and animal infusers, definitely some of the cutest tea time accessories. I discovered this instagram page the other day and l love it. Her blog has some great helpful tips for chemical-free living. This blog post on tea and the additives, bleaching, extra flavours was super helpful and something I haven't really thought about. Or maybe haven't let myself think about because going chemical-free is certainly a process! It's something Lindsay and I are super passionate about. Pink House was definitely the thing that started the journey for us. Looking back on this last year we've made a lot of changes with the brands we choose to work with (especially when it comes to beauty).

Seven things I'm loving lately:

  • Not Perfect Linen - Decided I'm going to get this dress in stripes by Summer and liiiive in it. I also really want linen everything on our bed. Someday.
  • This before bed every night. 
  • New song my friend just released that I'm loving.
  • This tea is my fav. 
  • Watch this (grab tissues first) and vote for our friend Addi! So proud of everything she's done with her amazing book An Army of Hearts.
  • This makes me want a pink duvet, and to recreate this look in our apartment, so dreamy!
  • I've been dreaming of an LA trip lately and going back to Sqirl for the rice bowl, sooo good. I'm currently cooking quinoa to try to re-create it for dinner!