Pizza Party

Happy PIZZA Day!! If there's one day to throw a pizza party it's today. Personally, every day is a good day for a pizza party, I'm sort of obsessed. We were so excited to work with Delissio for National Pizza Day and inspire you to throw your own pizza party with your friends and family! We made a few fun DIY's to spice up your party and make it a little something special, I kind of love this idea for a Valentines Day party as well with this cute little bunting! Very fitting ;) 

I grabbed all these supplies at Michaels, and the best part about this bunting DIY is there is no tape, glue, scissors, nothing messy involved, it's super easy! These big alphabet stickers come in every colour as well! Just peel and stick onto the pre-cut paper bunting and then clip onto the twine with the adorable mini clothespins. 

How amazing are these pizza decals!! The perks of sharing our studio with the amaaaazing UrbanWalls  she whipped these up for us for our pizza party and they were so perfect! We kind of want to leave them up forever.

We took the party back to my (Tegan's) place and had some friends over to join us for lots of pizza, wine and snacks! Hazel was loooooving the big balloons, and having some of her fav aunts and uncles over and of course the pizza.