Thoughts on Beauty Products // why we quit working with beauty brands

Tegan and I have been meaning to dive into this post for a LONG time. Going natural has been something that has completely flipped the script of our blog, our vision and our journey within the beauty industry.

Tegan and I used to be a part of the P&G Beauty Program  (of Procter and Gamble ) - One of the biggest umbrella companies in the beauty industry, that includes everything from Covergirl, Secret, Pantene, Always, Herbel Essences, Olay, Gillette, etc. Tegan and I were flown a few times to Toronto for one night to attend a couple of their Beauty Campaign nights. We were really excited to be a part of this beauty industry, and especially getting campaigns with these big beauty brands (who have A LOT of money to throw at beauty bloggers for blog/Instagram campaigns).

The first time I was there, was right when my Mom was diagnosed with cancer. She was in and out of the hospital, and Tegan was pregnant with Hazel. I went to this event in Toronto, and was thrown products left and right. Herbel Essences natural shampoo and conditioner, Covergirl waterproof mascara, face creams and foundations, and a new deodorant from Secret that will last you 2 days without showering! 2 DAYS. It was this moment, that I had this deodorant in my hand, that I looked around me at all the girls receiving this free product to promote that I just couldn't take it any longer. My Mom had used these products for years, I had used these products for years, and for the first time that I was truly seeing what was happening around me. 

I got home and brought it up with Tegan, and she was experiencing the exact same feelings around the beauty industry as I was. We both felt sick about the way we were manipulated for years into thinking that these products would make our lives easier, would make us feel more beautiful, and for years we felt like we NEEDED them in our lives. It had become such a big part of our daily routines. We began researching and learning through our Mom and our Aunt, who had been growing Pink House for a couple of years. That "natural" shampoo wasn't so natural, and that 2-day deodorant I got, was actually sending toxins into my pores and ending up straight in my blood stream.

We honestly had a really tough time "quitting" the P&G beauty program, because we knew it meant taking a giant step in a different direction, an unknown direction. How do you create a platform that only promotes 100% clean products? How do you make money doing that? CAN you make money as a blogger promoting natural product lines, natural products for the home, healthy foods, and a healthy lifestyle? How do you walk away from all of the big money brands who are throwing products and campaigns in your face every week?

It was a hard decision but we knew we had to do it. We want to be completely honest with you as our followers, and readers of our blog that we will NEVER promote something that we would not eat/use/wear/put on our own babies bums.  

We've had many, many conversations with friends and strangers over the last few years about this lifestyle change. Sharing the Think Dirty app with everyone we know and it's really something you have to figure out for yourself. I've noticed over the past 6 months it creeping into more aspects of my life. In my closet, and what I'm wearing is a big one. "Fast fashion," and clothes that go out of style as quick as they come in. I used to totally be ok with buying way too many cheap clothes and only wearing them one or two times, but it just doesn't sit right with me anymore. I probably spend the same amount of money, but instead am trying my best to purchase my clothes from ethical companies, and supporting local and small businesses as much as possible! I'm ok with a smaller wardrobe, filled with quality pieces I love, rather that a massive one full of clothes I'm fine to toss next week if I had to. 

Again, these ideas are things we don't want to push on anyone! We need to share them because they majorly impact things we stand for and post about on our blog! Style posts aren't something we are going to force, but we will share brands we love to support and think are amazing. And you definitely won't find us pushing any beauty products we aren't confident to stand behind. 

We want to provide a blog for women to feel confident in the products we are promoting. To feel REALLY GOOD about purchasing things that are GOOD for you. We want to promote local companies that are busting their butts to create quality products - it's tough creating natural products without chemicals, preservatives, products that don't last as long on the shelves, that have an expiry date - because they are NATURAL! -This instantly puts you in a smaller box than what you could create and sell. We are limited with Pink House to where we sell and how long we ship before our products hit the shelves because our products are ACTUALLY organic and won't last 3 years in a box.

Tegan and I will never promote a product that we are unsure about, or that we wouldn't be proud to use on the daily. This is our mission statement when it comes to promoting - honesty. 

We'd love to hear your thoughts, your journey, and your joys & struggles with make-up, products, and brands! Comment below, or send us an email, we'd love to hear from you.