Bugaboo Donkey 2 // Muliti-Purpose Stroller

I've never been more grateful for sunny winter days than I am now. One thing that makes living in a tiny apartment much more enjoyable is getting outside every day. When it rains, it's a lot more work to take these girls out, but oh boy, I have been loving my Bugaboo stroller! It's the new Donkey2 which is a multi-purpose stroller, it can convert to a single or a double stroller with just a few clicks. A good stroller is so important to me. Living in Vancouver, I walk a lot. Having a light, easy to manoeuvre stroller with tons of storage is essential. I walk to the grocery store, post office and wherever else we venture too almost daily. When I don't have the second seat in, there is a sidecar basket that clicks in which holds a TON! I am always amazed what I can fit in there, (here's a photo of it.) 

Another thing that has been a game-changer is the wheels. I never realized what a difference they would make until last winter when we got hit with a lot of snow that then froze and made the streets a mess! I couldn't take my stroller out for ages because it just couldn't handle the tiny bit of snow on the sidewalks. I was really excited to take the Donkey out when it snowed a few weeks ago and it was totally fine. The big foam filled tires were totally capable, such a relief to have if we get more snow. I go a little stir crazy if I'm stuck at home for more than a day or two.

I never had a pram body like this when Hazel was tiny, so it's nice to be able to bundle Millie up and just plop her in! She loves going on walks in it and it's really nice (on my back) to not always have to carry her. Also, Hazel was SO excited to be able to sit beside her little sister, the first time we used the double stroller she held Millies hand the entire time, it was pretty adorable

The Donkey2 stroller is completely customizable. You can choose different colours for each individual piece. I really love how the seats change. It's the same frame for both of them and you just swap out the fabric and velcro it in to make it a bassinet or regular seat. So when Millie's grown out of it I can just switch out the seat and store the bassinet fabric and not the whole bassinet! It's the small things that really excite me when I live in a small space with not a lot of storage ;) 

Here we are, my little girl squad. Is it bad that I'm already looking forward to taking them on lots of sunny park adventures this summer? I definitely am missing the warmth, but also love dressing babies for winter in all the cozy knits.

 I also want to acknowledge that as of this week Hazel is officially soother free (cue the crying eyes emoji!) It was a rough few nights but man I am so glad that's over with. 

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