Cozy Morning with Urban Barn

Well, let me tell ya, most mornings with two kids don't end up this picturesque, but sometimes the naps align, everyone gets a good nights rest, and I get to enjoy a hot cup of coffee in bed. Most days, we enjoy just taking it slow, then throw on some clothes and head out the door to get some fresh air because it makes us all a little happier to get our legs moving and get outside. Plus these 4pm sunsets don't make getting outside after Hazel's nap that easy! I try to get outside at least once a day but since Millie's been around we've had a lot more in days, and it's been really nice to slow down and soak up these newborn days and adjust to life with two! Millie is 3 months old tomorrow, that's so hard to believe! It's flown by, she's getting huge, she's sleeping like a champ and I feel like we're getting into a bit of a rhythm.

I posted a few weeks ago about how we've changed our living room with our amazing wall bed, and I'm so glad we made all these changes before Millie came! It's just so nice to enjoy the space we're in when we're stuck inside on rainy days! We've added lots of cozy pillows and blankets this winter to make it that much more inviting and comfy. 

The Holidays this year have been pretty relaxed, we have some family get-togethers but for the most part, we're just going to enjoy having our first Christmas at home ever (I know, crazy). We're excited to start our own family traditions, and also just strip things back, and figure out why we do things, and what's important. Dan and I are very over the consumerism of Christmas and are keeping it super simple, this year just feels different, I'm not sure why. I think we're going through a season of reflecting on what really matters, what we're called to do and just really want to do and be the best we can for our kids. 

Most of the fun Christmas decor and cozy things are from Urban Barn, I have always loved their decor, dishes, and housewares. When we lived in White Rock years ago I stocked up on decorations and Dan and I loved finding unique little pieces for our home in their store! Both of these insanely soft throws are on sale right now too! I'll link them below :)

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