Hazel & Jools // GIVEAWAY

Life with two. It's crazy! I'm 6 weeks in and am just starting to feel like I have a little bit of a grip on it. I'm definitely figuring out the little things that make it possible to keep doing our little daily outings to the park and shop. Having a newborn in the fall is so nice. It's nice having an excuse to stay inside and cozy up while the weather gets chilly and the rain pours, but after a few days I get a little bit of cabin fever and neeeeed to get outside! So does my toddler. It's been tough on both Hazel and I, not being able to pick her up at any moment or just go on our little adventures every day. She's learning to share me with her little sis, I'm so proud of how well she's been doing with the transition. Also, I'm learning it really takes a village. I've had so much help from my close friends and family, it's been such a blessing. 

We've had a lot of rainy days the last few weeks and oh man has this jacket from Hazel + Jools come in handy! It's a maternity jacket with a reversible middle panel that you can flip the other way so it's perfect for baby wearing! None of my jackets fit over Millie when I'm wearing her in the wrap or Ergo, so this is so good for rainy and chilly days to keep her warm and dry. 

The face of a toddler who doesn't want to share her mama anymore. She loves her sis, but the words "mama put Millie down now" come out of her mouth on the regular. 

You can see in the photo below the details of the jacket, I love that you can just take the panel out and it's just a regular jacket. Sooo clever, I can't believe I didn't know about these before!

Hazel & Jools has become my go-to for all things maternity and post-baby. I made a quick visit there to stock up on some new nursing bras and of course to check out their new line of baby wear. 

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