Transitioning to Working from Home

Transitioning out of our studio and into our homes has been a very interesting process. Tegan and I were definitely spoiled when it came to the amount of space we had in our studio the last couple years. We will be looking for a studio in the new year, but for now, working out of our living rooms is whats up! 

We are all about buying & selling, and I found this incredibly beautiful desk on Kijiji last week. I bought it off this really cool woman who lived downtown Vancouver, and we briefly exchanged stories of my musical tour in Germany, and her future musical endeavours! It was a lovely meet up, and maybe my best and easiest second-hand online buying experience so far.  

I wanted to declutter my living room a little bit and open it up by getting a skinny wall desk. This desk is the perfect size and width and just fits all snug up on this wall. I moved my wicker shelving unit into a different room and now I have the perfect workspace in my living room where it is still bright and inspiring! We definitely don't have a shortage of plants in our living room. Our studio was also filled with so many plants, I think it helps create a more inspiring workspace. 

Tegan and I had a TON of furniture in our studio that we just couldn't store. We sold them online and had a super easy time getting rid of everything in the short timeline we had. Within a week of putting up our posts, people would come to our studio and pick up the furniture and products we had scattered around. It was very convenient and felt good that they were going to homes of people who were excited about the exchange! We love changing up the look of our spaces, and with our studio, it was so easy because we had so much room! At home, it has become a bit more difficult because we can't store old furniture. Buying and selling secondhand items is definitely the best way to scratch the itch of change in our small spaces. It is so much cheaper than buying new, plus, I can feel good about reducing the amount of waste in my home, considering I like swapping out furniture so often. I honestly think around 75% of the furniture in my home has been previously loved! 

It has been so fun to surf  Kijiji to find various types of items that I wouldn't think of for my home. It's a good way to get inspired and creative when there are so many options and items to scroll through. I spend so much time just looking through items and scheming ways to incorporate them into my space.

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