Link Love Friday

  • Tegan, our Aunt Tracy and I have been SO excited to finally launch our Pink House Glow Sticks! These are the first inventions of products Tegan and I have helped out with so far with Pink House - the rest of the incredible products were created by our Mom & Aunt Tracy. I feel so honoured to stand behind and be a part of creating new, clean and sparkly products with Pink House. We are launching them on MONDAY! Look out! Here's a preview :) 
  • I got this sweater I am wearing from Zara... holy moly it is the softest sweater I have ever owned. 
  • My friend Lester put out a sassy music video for my boy and his band Peach Pit. You into all kinds of snack foods and guitar solo's on top of pizza vans? Ya, me too. 
  • I have been loving Patti Smith's books. I mentioned Just Kids on the blog before, and I have recently been reading M Train. She is such a beautiful writer and artist. 
  • Have you checked out Charlie & Lee? It's one of our favourite Vancouver stores, and we just got our Pink House Dry Shampoo, Lipgloss and Deodorant on their shelves! Be sure to check out their clothes too, they are amazzzzzzing. 
  • It has been SO cold lately, all I want to eat is soup. This Lentil and Sweet Potato Vegetarian Chili recipe is next on my list. 
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