DIY Bookshelf

I've been in full-on Spring cleaning/nesting mode the last few weeks, and I've been doing some small changes to Hazels room to make it a bit more fun and playable for her. So far it's working, in the mornings she wakes up (usually 6:15 on the dot) and she comes and snuggles with us in bed with her beloved bottle of milk. After it's finished, which you can't miss because of her trying to suck out every last drop followed by an "OH NOOOOO!" and sometimes there are tears. I seriously don't know how to cut her off of this one.  She usually comes around and after a minute or two of babbling and convincing her she'll be alright, she yells "toys!!!" and scurries off to her room where she'll silently play for 30 minutes to an hour!

All that to say I was so happy while after a few weeks of Craigslist hunting, I found this adorable bookhouse shelf for $15! As soon as I saw it i knew just what I wanted to do with it after seeing on someone's Instagram a similar thing with this Rifle Paper Co. design. I can't for the life of me remember whose feed I saw it on, but they had put it on the backdrop of an Ikea play kitchen and I thought it was the cutest thing! This DIY is easy to do with any shelf, or dollhouse, just to give it a little something.

I started by painting it with two coats of paint (I used this furniture paint from Spruce Collective in Goose Down). I only did one coat on the inside because of the paper.

Start by measuring out the shelves, use a measuring tape (a fabric measuring tape works great) and cutting out the paper to match the measurements. I used this fabric and craft glue which was the closest thing I could find to modge podge at a fabric store, it was basically the same thing and worked great! I squirted it on the back and then used a paint brush to blend it in so it was evenly applied. Once I stuck the paper onto it, I went over the edges and the front with the glue again using the same brush. 

That's it! Easy peasy, I was surprised how quick it was to finish! The hardest part was measuring the top angled part, I actually just traced it from the back to get the angle right and then measured the rest from there! Hope this inspires you to DIY an old piece of furniture or dollhouse you have :)

diy doll house and weaving and new moon tea co-112.jpg