Tassel Blanket DIY / Ikea Hack

Who doesn't love a good DIY with what they already have lying around their house?! We are all about that, and this cozy blanket has been in our studio for a year and it's time to spruce it up! 

Tegan and I loooove Ikea. What do we love more than Ikea? Ikea hacks!!!!  This is one of our favourite blankets from Ikea (it's the softest) and it's only $30! This blanket hack (inspired by this anthro blanket woooow) came to $50 with blanket and supplies. Plus it is super easy :) 

We are lucky enough to have Dressew right down the street from our studio in Gastown, it is almost dangerous. We always leave spending way more money than we should, because we leave so DIY inspired. First of all - pick a colour pallet! We went with peaches and pinks to create a spring-summery blanket (plus it matches this beautiful decal wall by Urban Walls

Lay out your blanket and arrange your tassel pieces in the pattern you want. This will help you decide where you like them best and line them up evenly. Don't be afraid to GO WILD! I think we were even a bit too tame with this one. 

Take a needle and thread that matches, and sew sew sew!!