Making food for the Babe with Béaba

I have been looooving my Babycook from Béaba. Making puree's has become incredibly easy, and even fun. When Hazel started eating I tried making lots of different purees, she was very picky at first and I wasted so much that I sort of gave up because it just was too much work. Now, she's a little bit more easy going when it comes to eating and I've been cooking up some delicious puree's and she's been loving them! I usually just throw in a variety of veggies and add apples or dates to sweeten it. It feels amazing knowing you're getting brussels sprouts and carrots into her without any hassle ;) 

I love how easy this is to use. I was intimidated at first to learn a new gadget, but once I made one and realized how quick it was I can easily cook up a batch while I'm getting ready in the morning or cooking dinner. You just chop everything up, throw it in, press a button and it steams it. Dump it back in, chop chop chop. DONE! I bought a set of these pouches, so I just pour it into them. It's a lot cheaper than buying those pouches that Hazel loves so much, and you know exactly what's in them. 

I just made a delicious one with beets, carrot, apple and dates. There are lots of recipes as well on the Béaba blog, I'm eyeing up some of the muffins and popsicles!

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