Frozen Matcha Recipe

Remember those YUMMY blueberry matcha popsicle we made last month? Here's the link to the post if you missed it! I had some leftover matcha mixture when I was making the popsicles so I froze them in an ice cube try and saved it for another day. Well it turned out to be the besssst iced matcha ever. I put them in a glass, added some almond milk and mixed it up! I was pleasantly surprised and will be making much more of this! It's nice because the matcha was  blended with coconut milk so it's mixed really well, sometimes iced matcha can be clumpy if it's not mixed well enough, but this was SO GOOD!

Last week we had a matcha tasting with Kimmy from Whisk Premium Matcha and it was so good! We learned a lot about what matcha actually is and how it's grown, and tried some incredible top of the line matcha, what a difference it makes! Kimmy sources the best quality matcha directly from Japan and it's so tasty, we were super impressed. She brought some matcha shortbread cookies as well - yum! Definitely check out her shop, she has all the gear and all the goods.