The Good Stuff Smoothies

We are in love with The Good Stuff! My friend Tonner from high school teamed up with his pal Mike after struggling to get all their veggies into their daily diet. They had trouble with smoothie ingredients going bad in their fridge - which happens with me alllll the time, and I LOVE smoothies!! That's why we can't get enough of The Good Stuff smoothies, we just think it is so brilliant. 

We tried the Kitsalano Sunrise smoothie! Carrot, Banana, Chard, Spinach, Brazil Nuts, Maple Syrup, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Black Pepper - this is the perfect morning smoothie.All you have to do is rip off the label and add your desired milk to the top of the cup. Pour the whole smoothie into the blender and blend until smooth! VOILA! It is as easy as that. It is the absolute best, I can't wait to get a subscription! 

Especially with Hazel, It can be hard to prepare smoothies with all the fruits and vegetables I'd want, and The Good Stuff smoothies are the easiest to prepare. PLUS they are such a good price! 

We also tried the Diesel Monster, filled with veggies, coco nibs and peanut butter. Such a yummy healthy treat.

Pour your smoothie back into the cup and off you go! 

Vancouverites!! You can get $7 off your purchase with "Treasures&Travels" coupon code!! I highly recommend you get yourself a subscription, you won't be disappointed! Plus with free shipping, you can't lose :)