Hawaii Part II // Road To Hana

These few days were the biggest highlight of our Hawaii trip for me! I'm so happy that we did the Road to Hana. We wanted to make sure we did something adventuresome while we were in Maui, and we were recommended so many fun things to do but this one seemed to jump out to all of us, and seemed the most doable with a one-year-old. We started early in the morning by picking up a rental Jeep, something a bit more reliable and comfortable than what we were borrowing from a friend. We drove to Paia which was about an hour from where we were staying and grabbed lunch there. Paia is SO cute and a must if you're in Maui, such a cute little town filled with adorable boutiques, shops, and restaurants. I'm so glad we spent a bit of time there. 

We left Paia around noon and after about 10 minutes of driving we were in the jungle, it was incredible. We listened to the audioguide tour, which we thought would be so cheesy, and joked about actually putting it on, but it was so interesting to hear about history and tells you about all the places to stop, which was great. We didn't stop too many times, I think if you do all the stops the drive can take about 10 hours. CRAZY. Maybe someday when there isn't a baby in the car. 

We stopped at Waiʻānapanapa State Park aka the black sand beach. When we parked there it was raining, I mean torrential downpour. It stopped not long after and we all hopped out and walked down to the beach. It was breathtaking. The sand was beautiful, the sound of the rocks being dragged up the shore in the massive surf was unlike anything I've heard. The water was turqoise blue, surrounded by black and bright green succulents and palm trees draping over the hillside. The skies were dark and grey which only added to the stunning landscape. We spent a few hours, and the rain held of just long enough for us to enjoy this majestic place. 

Not pictured: the 1000x mosquitoes biting our legs. The only yucky thing about being in a rainforest!

This girl was happy to be out of the car and roaming free. She was such a trooper. We tried to time it the best we could with her naps which was crucial and made it all the more enjoyable for everyone! We stayed the night once we got into Hana, which I would so recommend even if you're baby-less. Being in such a small, isolated town felt so peaceful. The people were so kind, even to us dumb tourists who go and get our jeep stuck on the beach in the sand ;) (fyi, most rental places disable 4x4 - would have been good to know!!!)