Wildflower - Free People Summer Trends

One of my favourite books I've read this year was Wildflower by Drew Barrymore. It's compiled of short stories from her childhood and younger years to recent ones as well with her daughters. I've really been trying to pick up more books this year - one of my resolutions is to read 10 books. I know it's a pretty small number and may seem like a tiny goal to most, but I always have a hard time getting back into reading after stopping for a while. When I was pregnant I picked up reading again, although mostly about birth and babies, it brought back the love and desire again to read. I love fiction, and I love reading about people's stories, which is why Wildflower was so easy for me to pick up when I wasn't in the mood for reading. If you have any good books you love, send them my way, I need a few books for my upcoming vacation! I'm planning on doing lots of poolside reading with a pina colada in hand. 

I'm in love with this flowy dress from Free People. We snapped these photos one of our afternoons at Halfmoon Bay a few weeks ago. Drank an iced coffee, picked some flowers, encountered a snake (GAH!) and then just sat on the rocks soaking up the sunshine.