Peach + Thyme Sangria Recipe // Bonne O Sparkler

This Peach & Thyme Sangria is soo simple and its perfect for summer! You guys, this carbonatorfrom Bonne O is AWESOMEEEE. It's an at home sparkling beverage machine and it can add bubbles to water, tea, juice, wine, cocktails and more! Tegan and I are both getting into making more cocktails at home, so this machine is perfect and makes it SO easy to make healthier drink options because you can add real fruit and herbs instead of artificial flavours. 

For the Bonne O Sparkler machine, you need to make sure that your beverage is COLD. We decided to use a bottle of chilled white wine for our sangria. For this recipe, all you need are these three ingredients : white wine, peaches, and thyme!  

Take off the lid and add half of a peach and muddle it well. Add a few pieces of thyme, the other half of the peach sliced, and pour in the wine until it reaches the top! (It should fit alllllmost the whole bottle of wine). Follow the instructions in the manual for how to use the machine (it is super simple and quick to use) Our sangria was prepared and ready to drink in less than 10 minutes!

You can let your drink sit for hours after you sparkle to allow the fruits and herbs to infuse to create a richer flavour in your drink. MMMM.  We will be having a lot of fun with these. Next I'm thinking of sparkling some teas, or making my own root beer syrup and making a float!

You can buy your own Bonne O sparlker machine at Hudsons Bay,, Home Outfitters, as well as Crate & Barrel.