Palms & Denim

Sorry things have a been a little bit slow over here lately! We've had a few very exciting projects on the go that have been taking us away from keeping up with our posting schedule. Some of them have to do with this space, some not so much, but we are excited to share with you all the details so soon. We've been sharing bits and pieces on our Snapchat (TandTblog) throughout some of our work days if you want to follow along! 

Oh and sidenote, Lindsay and I both showed up to the studio wearing these outfits, so we had to document it because this happens far too often. 

First exciting thing, we are launching a very exciting and scary campaign in the next few weeks. We have been making changes with some of the brands we've been working with and are really excited to finally share it. You know when something just hits you and you need to share it with everyone you know? That's how we feel about this. It's been eating at our gut and taking over so many of our conversations. Vague I know, but we'll be posting a lot in the next few weeks so you won't miss it! 

The last two weeks have felt amazing. The days suddenly feel so much longer, it's warm, windows are always open and we're getting some much needed Vitamin D. It really is good for the soul, it's felt like a long winter and we're excited to let some creative juices flow. I know it sounds silly but when I was walking to catch the bus this morning wearing cropped pants and open toes I felt free, more connected. Closer to the earth with my thin soled salt-water sandals. I'm done with this SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and am welcoming the better part of the year with open arms. Last Spring and Summer is a bit of a fog for me. With a newborn and my mom being so sick, we were all in survival mode and trying to get through a hard, exciting, exhausting time. I don't feel like I had much of a Summer, so needless to say, I feel like I'm looking forward to this one more than I have in a long time.