Spring Bike rides with Lochside Cycles

We are so excited to share with you our new adventures with these incredible Lochside Cycles bikes!

Tegan and I grew up riding bikes together. 

We had this game we played where we would draw chalk all around our driveway which circled our house, and played “traffic jam”. A very serious game of riding your bikes in circles around and around paying VERY careful attention to the rules that Tegan (cause she was older, duh) would make up. We would get speeding tickets if we rode too fast, and bike parking violations if you stopped in the wrong places. We would spend hours biking to our favourite corner store, stopping countless times to pet the horses, shetland ponies, and even donkeys.. (yeah, we know.. odd)

Needless to say, every time we jump on bikes together, some sort of anticipation of childlike adventure creeps up my spine. This post was Tegan and I taking our brand spankin’ new Lochside bicycles out for a spin. We waited for the perfect sunny day and once it arrived, off we went. 

We biked to the nearest Cartem’s and picked up a couple of London Fog donuts. We then headed through the alleyway toward one of our favourite coffee shops, Birds & The Beets! It is always such a breath of fresh air every time we walk through those doors. We stopped only for a minute or two to pick up some fresh flowers to take home with us. 

Biking through the city is my new favourite activity. You get places faster than the bus, and when the weather is right, it is such a dream. Tegan can’t wait until Hazel is big enough to fit on the back of hers and we can all ride to the studio together! This summer is going to be incredible and we can’t wait to take these bikes everywhere. 

You can also get a wooden crate like I did for my bike! I loooooove it. I have used it almost every time I take my bike out. Plus it fits a growler, a pizza box and a few donuts comfortably ;).

lochside cycles spring bikeride-66.jpg

Lochside Cycles are a company from Victoria BC, owned by two brothers. Richard stopped by our studio in Vancouver the day before we took our bikes for a spin and tuned them up for us. What a nice guy! We love being able to meet the people we work alongside with, and it was so great to meet Richard, and learned firsthand about Lochside, how it came to be, and the heart behind their business. We highly recommend buying from these guys, they are rad and they provide high-quality bikes - plus they can ship them right to you! Ours came in big boxes and we assembled them ourselves, it was pretty easy...even though Tegan put her handle bars on upside down the first time, and I nearly screwed my seat on backwards ;)

Here is a fun little video Tegan and I made on our first day out with our bicycles in Vancouver :)

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