I Scream Ice Cream

I've been finding so much inspiration from the sunshine we've been having. I feel like I've been talking and thinking about the weather so much because it actually affects my mood and changes my entire day. Lindsay and I have been finding ourselves in a lot of plant stores lately, collecting little (and not so little) plant babies for our homes. Maybe because I don't have a yard to take care of? It just feels right, and so rewarding to see these little guys grow. Lindsay has one she bought about year ago, named Richard, and he is a pretty fern that has pretty much taken over her living room.

I remember when Dan and I first got married, he wanted lots of plants and I hated them, they seemed dirty and annoying to me. He always reminds me of this when I bring another cactus home with a "hope you don't mind these guys taking over our home" look on my face.

These pretty bubblegum ice cream photos have nothing to do with plants, but they're from a photo shoot we did for fun last month when we were feeling a little inspired to take melty photos of an obnoxiously tall ice cream cone! 

Happy Monday, hope these get you through your day!


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