DIY Frayed Denim // Two Ways

I've been seeing frayed denim everywhere all of a sudden! It's definitely a trend - but I love the 70's inspired look. We've been talking about jeans a lot these days, and about how much water is made to make one pair! (It's quite horrifying) So we're trying our best to not give in to buying so much cheap denim and invest in quality ones, and then giving old ones we don't wear so much a second life!  

First try your jeans on and decide where you want to cut them, mark with a pen. Cut them one at a time, once you've cut the first leg, lay the cut piece of fabric on top of the second leg to make sure you cut off the same amount ensuring they're the same length!

Next once you've decided how long you want the fray to be, take a seam ripper and rip open the inseams up each side of the leg.

Starting at the bottom, take your seam ripper and use the needle to grab the piece of string at one end that is going accross and pull it out. Keep doing this working your way up. You'll start to see the hem fraying as you're left with the verticals strings of denim. Keep going until it's frayed to your liking! It can be a bit tedious depending on your denim, so don't rip too high up the sides at first if you're unsure, start with an inch and then go from there!

Once I frayed mine I dipped them in bleach for 10 minutes. Rinsed with cold water and threw them in the wash. I saw a similar pair at Zara but they were a bit expensive for more of a trendy look. But I'm really glad I did them to my favourite old pair of h&m jeans, I've had these for years.