Teva Festival Style

The sun has been peeking out of the - what seems to have been - endless cloudy and rainy skies! We couldn't be happier as the sun pours down on us, because with it, it carries the alllll the feelings that Spring and Summer encompass. HELLOOOOO It's FESTIVAL SEASON! Music plays a different role in our lives as Spring arrives. We are getting so excited for music festivals and road trips to these festivals! We have plenty of fun posts lined up to do with festival style, playlists, road trip snacks, and plenty more posts with the joy of summer upon us. I know, I know, it is just only Spring, BUT it is a glorious lead up to our favourite time of the year, so let us begin to relish in the fact that the sun is upon us, and all the fun things that follow that light.  

I can't tell you how much I love these Teva Flatforms. First of all, they are shiny, black, and they kinda look like disco dragon shoes. I'm sort of in love. Not only do they make me feel like dancing everywhere I go, they feel like I am walking on clouds. They are the most comfortable sandals everrrrrr. PERFECT for festival season. Fashion AND function. Yesssssss! You've got to check out the new shoes they have on their site, they are SO fun.

We have fond memories of Music Festivals because well, our business started at one! YEARS ago, Tegan, Bethany and I were at Sasquatch music festival, and we saw some cool hippie girls on a blanket selling feather earrings. The three of us ran over and feathered ourselves instantly with all sorts of fluffy peacock plumes. It was the start of our business, and it trailed on from that moment to the three of us selling feather earrings at Vancouver's Folk Fest music festival. We then sold them for a few years after that every summer.

I love all the different types of people that these festivals bring out. They allow you to dress up or dress down, anything goes. People act wild and free, and the environment allows you to be whoever you want to be and it all somehow fits within this festival bubble.

One of my all-time favourite festival moments was that year at Sasquatch - I think it was in 2009. I was SOOO excited to see Bon Iver for the first time and I weaseled my way pretty close to the front. As we were waiting for him to  come on stage, a furious storm rolled in. Everyone was instantly pissed/worried that the show would be cancelled. The stage men were frantically unplugging and moving the instruments offstage. As the dark grey rain clouds started to sprinkle over us, Bon Iver walked out, grabbed a guitar and started singing. I have this vivid picture of his hair blowing frantically and quite harshly in the wind. I think the microphone even shocked him lightly a couple times. It was a completely stripped down performance, and it was one of the most beautiful and enchanting moments.

Flowy dresses, high waisted shorts, comfy shoes and a good pair of sunnies are at the top of our list for Summer staples! Anyone headed to Coachella this weekend? We're insanely jealous and are having major Palm Desert withdrawls. Enjoy the sunshine and music for us!