Ikea Hack Baby Gym

I loooove the way this Ikea Hack turned out! Hazel loves it too, even though there's no way she's going to lay under it like she did before she was mobile, but she loves to chew on the little wood rings, and stand on it and play with the pieces. It's also a life-saver when it comes to diaper changes, this girl is quick and does not like to stay on her back for long, so this helps give a few moments of distraction. After I thought of this idea I saw a few other hacks of this floating around the Pinterest world, and love the different ones, but they had just painted the plastic pieces that came with it, which didn't seem like the best idea to me because all babies love to chew! So I ordered these wood rings and assorted beads off of etsy and got the light pink string at my local craft store. 

First I took it apart, this is also how it comes when you first buy it. You'll want to sand the two red pieces well before applying paint. Use a non-toxic acrylic paint, and apply a few thick coats, letting it dry well in between. I used the same paints that we used over on this post!

Apply a layer of thick gloss glaze, very important to make sure it's non-toxic! 

I forgot to take photos of painting it! To paint the colourful side parts that spin, I first put pieces of cardboard underneath to protect the wood, and painted them black. Once that was dry I added some patterns to make them a bit more exciting for the babe! Add a layer of gloss once dry.

I used the two black pieces that came with the original pieces (one is shown above!) that hang, as well as one bead for the top pieces. Pull the string through, and secure with a double knot. Attach the wooden beads, rings, or whatever pieces you want to hang.

Once I figured out how I wanted them to be, I added a bit of hot glue to the knots to make sure they would stay put.