My friend Laura from Creative Life in Vancouver asked us to design a bag for their event "Gotta Bag It Up" which is an auction night in Vancouver this Friday. They are going to be auctioning off 45 different hand-designed tote bags (like ours) to raise money for Creative Life's work of transformation in East Van. Creative Life is such a beautiful company which strives to see change and empower marginalized youth in the East Side by providing a safe place for creativity to flourish through the arts. 

 Enjoy the fun evening of giving back on Friday if you live in Vancouver. Plus you get to hang with your friends and drink amazing wine, beer and eat some yummy tacos! If you can't make the event you can still donate here!


For our xoxo Tote DIY, all you need is some embroidery thread and needle! I kept it simple and chose black thread. You can have some fun with it by substituting bright and colourful threads and creating different designs. 


Start at the top corner, and open the tote and begin to thread the X through the inside of the tote. Pull the thread through and stick the needle back to the outside of the tote and continue to make an X. I dragged the thread through the inside of the tote to start the new X and continued all the way across the top. I re-threaded my needle each row to keep the thread from tangling on the inside. 


For the second tote, I used fabric paint! I painted O's in rows across the top and then went in rows straight to the bottom to help keep the rows somewhat straight. 



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