DIY Concrete Painted Pots // Fat Paint

If you've been here before, you know that we love a good Ikea hack, and we love working with local businesses. So the chance to combine the two AS WELL as a giveaway?! We're all over that. We were recently sent some paints from the new Amanda Forest Collection by local paint company Fat Paint. They teamed up with Amanda, a Canadian interior designer to create this amazing collection of colours. Their paints are great for DIY's or home projects, super easy to use, to clean, and we found it goes on really nice. Definitely the paint I'm going to go to next time I paint a dresser or piece of furniture. We stuck with some of the neutral colours for this DIY because they were perfect for making these faux concrete pots. The new collection has amazing bright colours that are perfect for adding a pop of sunshine to any room!

We've been trying to add more plants to our studio space to liven it up! We've had these Ikea pots kicking around for a while but the brown doesn't match the space so well. So we thought why not paint them! We've been looking around for concrete pots for our plants, but they can be quite pricy. 

1. We started out by adding a base coat of black, just brushing it on in single strokes, covering most of the brown. 

2. Next you're going to add a layer of white, going over some of the black, but mostly making sure all of the brown is covered with this coat. You can't really mess the base layers up! Just be sure to cover the whole pot by the end of this coat.

3. Next we used Couture Linen and lightly brushed on a layer of paint, you don't want to have the paint brush fully covered in paint, just lightly coated. Do light brush strokes and then use paper towel to blend it in so the base coats come through a bit. 

4. For the final coat, we used Greysful and applied it using a crumpled up paper towel. Dip the paper towel into the paint and brush it onto the pot, you want the colours underneath to come through just a little bit. You don't need the grey paint to be on the paper towel super thick, you can start with a little bit and then rub it onto the pot. blending it in different directions. Doing some circular motions and some up and down. 

5. One it's dry, lightly sand it in a sideways motion.


Ta daaaaa, concrete! I love how these turned out, and they look amazing with the fresh green plants in them, they're perfect on our white shelves! I think I might try this on something smaller for some candle holders next.

Now we did mention a G I V E A W A Y! One winner will receive the entire Amanda Forrest Collection line of paint in pints, a 200g jar of Natural FAT Wax and a room make-over consultation with Amanda Forrest herself!

Enter the giveaway by commenting below. Tell us what projects you would use these paints for, and what room in your house needs a makeover!