A Little Taste of Toronto

Tegan and I had such a great time in Toronto this week! We were flown to Ontario for a really quick two-day trip, and it was such a whirlwind! We left at 5am and arrived back in Vancouver the next day at 11pm. It was short but definitely very sweet.
Tegan left Hazel at home for the first time, and Dan her husband was so excited to take care of baby Haze while we were gone. I think Tegan especially enjoyed the quiet plane ride, and the long 11 hour sleep straight through the night. 

We went to a beautiful Grammy viewing party on Monday night, (which we will post about soon) and Tuesday we slept in and then soaked up downtown Toronto as much as we could before our flight!

We hurried out the door (around noon, HAHA - gotta take advantage of that baby-less sleep) and trekked through the snow and came across this breathtaking coffee shop! It was called Espresso Bar and it was in the middle of this building that had the appearance of being outdoors. The inside walls were the outside walls of brick buildings, and they seemed to create a building within the alleyways of these walls. It was beautiful and the light was phenomenal.

We grabbed some espresso macchiatos and headed back into the snowy city sidewalks. 
I was not the smartest packer this trip, and totally forgot a winter coat. Luckily though, I had my hooded shirt from Frank and Oak along with my Free People jean jacket. Although I was cold, the hood saved my ears from freezing off. 

We then headed to Little Nicky's for the most AMAZING mini donuts - Holy Smokes. Thank you Melody for the amazing suggestion! We ordered a dozen donuts, shared a chia parfait and got our second round of coffee. 

Not gonna lie, we were completely sucked into this restaurant by this beautiful light pink doorway. How adorable! 

We were pleasantly surprised to find that the inside was just as enticing and pleasant as the outside. We instantly fell in love with FIGO - a 3 month old Italian inspired restaurant with the most lovely and friendly staff. We shared a margherita pizza, a salad, and ordered some cocktails. Every song on the playlist was hitting us in all the right places, from Fever to Aint no sunshine. The interior was so beautiful with mint seats and gold and white accents. We HIGHLY recommend you go here for lunch / dinner if you happen to be in Toronto. 

I always think so highly of a place that cares about the restrooms - and how beautiful they are! I told Tegan that she had to take the camera to the bathroom and snap some pics, because the were too adorable.