We've mentioned Hayo Magazine in a few of our posts, and we are a big fan. We love the creativity behind the photography as well as the variety of culture and travel within the pages. 

Here are some other local businesses Tegan and I have been loving lately:

Lochside Cycles // Functional and Stylish bicycles made in Victoria, BC! We met up with one of the founders Richard this week, and he helped us tune up our bikes! We love meeting the faces behind the products we promote, and we are so excited to share their bikes with you knowing there is such a passionate and friendly team behind the company. 

The Bloom Room // Tegan and I have been fillllling our studio with plants, and a lot of the time we walk to Bloom Room after picking up a coffee from Matchstick, and I don't think we have ever left without a plant. It is such a beautiful shop!

Some fun local music we've been listening to: 

David Vertesi - A good friend of ours who just released a new song Mountainside Part II 
We have been loving Dave's music for years, and we are so excited about his new upcoming solo album! Be sure to look out for it! Oh, PS. Have you met his cat Gary? He might just be the best cat you will ever meet. Follow his Instagram, you won't regret it. 

Andy Shauf has released a beautiful song called The Magician - another album we are eager to listen to! Check out the wonderful music video to go along with it.

Our good friends We Are The City are releasing their documentary today! Be SURE to check this out. They are explaining the mystery behind their obscure endeavor to make "The longest film ever made" as they hid out in Vancouver with disguises and convinced all of their fans they were actually in Serbia recording their album. If you do not know the story behind this, you NEED to go look it up and then watch this documentary. These boys are geniuses, always pushing the creative limits, and we are proud to call them our buds. (Also be sure to grab their album Above Club)

We had the pleasure of hosting a Rain City Chronicles event by Here There at our studio last week! If you have never heard of them, be sure to look them up and attend their next event. We fit around 75 people in our studio as we all gathered together for The Record Club. We listened to The Smiths album The Queen Is Dead, and there were stories told of people's experiences based around this album. It was such a beautiful and raw night filled with nostalgia and it was quite magical. 

Here There also has an event coming up - Romeo + Juliet - a scent-sory cinema experience! They are teaming up with Woodlot Candles and hosting a night where scents are paired up with the scenes in Romeo + Juliet, as you watch the film. Be sure to get your tickets!