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Kevin Murphy Easy Rider - This hair putty is my all-time favourite for creating a messy look but at the same time de-frizzing it, without it feeling greasy or leaving a residue.

Sacha Juan Beach Spray - This spray smells sooo refreshing and yummy, it adds a lot of fun texture to your hair, again - helping create that fun messy look. I just got bangs, so I have been using it a lot to freshen them up during the day! 

Face of Dignity Lipstick - I have been looking for a good brown lipstick, and this "Charming"- light brown lipstick is RAD. It is all natural, and really stays on well. It is a natural looking brown, so it isn't super intense. It is my everyday go-to.

NUDE Face Repair Oil - I have been using this repair oil every night! It uses carefully selected natural plant oils.

LooLoo Handmade Makeup Bag - Our good friend Lauren made this adorable make up bag and gave it to me on my birthday! What a sweetheart!! Tegan and I absolutely adore everything Lauren does with her business - be sure to check out her shop!

Harlow Flora Face Potion - A perfect pick me up! We have this in our studio and looove spritzing it throughout the day, it's calming and refreshing and smells like a field of flowers.

Skinny Whipped Body Butter - Keeps winter skin smooth and hydrated. I've been letting my skin soak this up after a long hot bath and it's been saving me. My skin get's super dry in the winter and often neglected, so it's been a skin-saver!

Muscle Tonic - Something weird happened and I pulled a muscle in my lower back the other night, it sucked because I couldn't bend over to pick Hazel up! That made for a long night (thanks super-dad Dan for helping me out that night!) I used a lot of this muscle tonic and it really helped throughout the day to relieve pain! Keeping it in the diaper bag from now on.

Nude Fizzy Powder Wash - This is a new product I've added to my weekly routine and I'm loving it. Not only is it really fun, it's a powder you pour into your hand, add a bit of water and it gets all fizzy and foamy and smells like warm vanilla. It's a bit exfoliating and cleansing, I use it a few times a week and my skin has been happy!

Fable Green Tea Clay Mask - Fable is a local company with amazing clean products. I love this mask, it leaves your skin feeling super clean. I've tried a few of their products as well, moisturizers and lip balms and they're all really nice and smell so great! 


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