Van Pipe Co.

We are SO excited about this amazing collaboration. Van Pipe Co is such an incredible company and we found out about them in such a funny way. 
I was poking around Twitter one evening when I came across Van Pipe Co, and was instantly swooned by their simple aesthetic and user friendly product. Tegan and I had been looking for a way to get rustic pipe shelving into our studio, and boom - we had found EXACTLY what we were looking for. I sent them a formal "We'd love to collaborate" email and the next day we get a response with a "Hey Lou" in the subject line. I was instantly confused as to who (outside of my good friends) knew my nickname.  Sure enough, It was my friend Kirby, her brother Jeff and their Dad Karey Bobyk. They were close friends of ours growing up, I LOVE it when paths cross, especially in the business world! I was so excited about this company and then my happiness just jumped 10 levels as soon as I found out the founders. How wonderful. 

Okay, so get this. You pick out the type of wood and pipes that you want, and they send them disassembled in cute *refurbished bags, with a simple DIY instruction pack. Karey decided that he wanted to make it affordable and accessible for anyone to assemble pipe shelving in their home. He went around to home hardware stores and realized that the cost to make these shelves on your own and get all the right piping and pieces, was SO expensive. He found a way to cut the prices and do it himself, so that YOU could have the ability, knowledge and tools to easily set up your own shelving. 

Van Pipe Co. started in East Vancouver, and has named all their furniture lines off of neighbourhoods like "Gastown" and "Strathcona". They also name all their products off of iconic people, as well as places and things within Vancouver. There are fun Vancouver facts for every product- For example, if you were to purchase a shelving from the "Gastown" line called "The Goose" You'd find out a fun wad of information: The Great Fire of 1886 ended up being a new start for Vancouver. Occupants saw it as a chance to build better buildings and upgrade the city. During it, the Vancouver Police Department got it's start as the Mayor saw three whisky barrels floating away, swore some man on the street in, and made him get the barrels. But our name "The Goose" goes out to the lost life of a man who went into the fire to try and save a goose. 

Just like what they did for our studio, Van Pipe Co. does custom orders to fit your needs. They are the most friendly and easy going people, so don't be afraid to contact them and ask questions! If you have an idea, they would be more than happy to work with you and design something that you would love. 

THANK YOU Van Pipe Co. Aka. Karey, Kirby, and Jeff for making our studio shelving a dream come true. It is absolutely perfect, and we can't wait to see how many people you make as happy as us, with your easy affordable shelving units.