2015 in review

Last year was a full one. Full of travels, the birth of Tegan's baby, parties, we launched a shop, we got keys to a new studio in Gastown and quit our jobs to blog full time. It was one for the books! These are some of the highlights from the lifestyle aspect of our blog! You can check out our archives for tons of hair tutorials, recipes and DIY's we've done as well!

January - Lindsay's Banff Trip and launch of our Let's Talk series!

Our year started off as a hard one. Just before New Years we found out about our mom's terminal cancer. We are so grateful to our friends, and for the family support we had around us through that time. We had friends do posts for us and encourage us while we took some time to slow down and process everything. We were going through a big shift in our blog at the same time, so we had a lot going on. It was a year of major growth, hardship and loss. Intertwined with joy, life and growth. 

In March we hit the road. We had a fun week in Oregon exploring beaches, yurts, and stayed at a beautiful Japanese cabin in the middle of nowhere. It was a great month. Everything for our Treasures Shop was finally coming together, and we made a last minute trip to Nelson at the end of March to see our Loo Loo dress being made! 

We launched our Shop in April. We learned so much through the process. Every item we personally had a part in designing and seeing come to life. It was amazing to learn the process in which some of the items were made! Our favourite behind the scenes are the Dry Shampoo & the Harlow Whip.

...and then came Hazel. Born on June 1. What a Summer. It was nice to take some time off and Lindsay worked her butt off to pick up the slack while I enjoyed the newborn days with my little hazey. 

in July Lindsay took a trip with some friends and stayed in the beautiful cabins. She made these amazing camping tacos and watermelon cake *heart eyes*

Our Treasures Shop Party was also in July! Such a fun Summer's evening spent with friends dancing, drinking, shopping & eating churros! 

How exciting. September 1 we signed the lease for our studio! It's still so exciting that we have this space. We ended the Summer and season of working from home full of inspiration and really needed that fresh start. It was a month after our mom passed away that this happened and it was just meant to be. We feel so grateful that we got into the building (apparently it's a hard thing to do!) It's quickly become our second home. Hazel's had a few firsts there and it's come together with a lot of hard work! 

A beautiful, peaceful & refreshing trip to Mount Hood. We packed the car and spent the weekend at a beautiful cabin with a few friends. Such a fun girls trip. We hiked, ate, chatted, cooked, and ate some more. Click to read part 1 and part 2!

Here we are in December. This party with our friends was one of our favourite posts to end the year on. We're thankful for a fresh start and can't wait to see what this year has in store for us.

Thank you for following along the bits + pieces of our journey, we love your comments, messages and emails. We would love to know what your favourite posts are, and what you would love to see more of! Please comment below or send us an email to treasuresandtravelsblog@gmail.com