Mad for Plaid

We have been obsessed with plaid for years, there is just something about it that is timeless. Plaid changes and evolves over the years - from our young years of running around in plaid skirts and flannels in the yard, to now wearing it in the city and at home. We are happy to say that the old so called “rules of plaid” are a thing of the past. Don’t get me wrong, we are all about playing it safe with adding plaid to an outfit for a classy touch, but we aren’t afraid to get a bit wild!

Now, I’ve been told in the past “You can’t mix plaid”. I am telling you now, it’s time for us to get our big girl boots on and be bold! What is there to lose?! It’s so fun to mix plaid, try the same colour but in different patterns! Adding a pop of another plaid adds a fun texture to your outfit.

We had fun with the length of the outfit too! Tying the flannel around the waist adds texture to the patterns as well as the length of your dress.

Now, if you wake up and aren’t feeling too adventurous, it’s fun to play it safe with plaid as well. It really adds such fun to a work outfit, or even plays it up when you want to go casual. These black and white plaid pants are the best. It is such a simple pattern, yet really fancies up this casual outfit.

If you are into playing it safe, try changing it up a bit with a plaid on plaid sock! The fun thing about plaid socks, is you can almost never go wrong. It’s a fun way to dress up any casual outfit and is such a great touch. I always appreciate when you get a sneak peek of some sweet socks to compliment a simple outfit, it makes me think “Now that person has fun with their wardrobe” however simple the outfit may be.


Tegan // Dress | Flannel | Socks
Lindsay // PantsSocks

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