Lets Talk // Fall Studio


Helloooo and happy October! We have been going full swing with the blog as of last week and it feels so good! We are loving our new space, regular work days, and working in the city. It's really refreshing and inspiring being in a new space, with new ideas and goals. Lindsay quit her cafe job, and as of last week we are full time T&T! What a feeling. We always had it on the horizon to quit our jobs and pursue this full time, and being able to do that feels like such an accomplishment. Within just a few days of us deciding we would start looking for a space we were signing a lease and committing to this gastown studio! Time is flying by and we're trying our best to soak up these exciting days.  - Tegan


Something we have been pondering a lot lately is how time likes to run. Fall is here, and somehow the streets have transformed into a beautiful, nostalgic, and warm-coloured city. We are sitting here in our studio, we have our neon peace sign lighting up the dim-lit space, and we are overlooking Gastown from our windows. Life seems a bit surreal and we are happy with change. Change is sometimes scary. Especially for us this season. As we have seen Summer transition to fall so fast before our eyes, we are a bit taken aback. Somehow we have to wrap our minds around how it is already a week into October. August (If you have been following along with us, it was one of the hardest months of our lives, losing our Mother..) is a month that has passed. We remember that it is okay to be scared of the falling leaves, and the things that come about with change. As long as we are able to slow down and be present in the moment - though it is scary too - it is crucial. We can't wait to share all that Fall and Winter has to offer. - Lindsay


We are excited to post a "Lets Talk" next week where we would love to answer any questions you have! Feel free to ask those hard hitting questions, we would love to get real- or get silly. Leave us a comment below, or send us a quick email- we would love to get to know a bit about yourself as well. 

Thank you for all your support as we enter this new season!! YAY FOR FALL! 


Tegan & Lindsay