Hello September // New Studio

I don't know if I have ever greeted September with such anticipation as I have this year. It has been quite a wild ride in life lately, and we are over the moon in excitement for what is to come. 

We couldn't help but act like little kids who got the keys to their first battery operated car. In a way, maybe it feels like purchasing your first home? We are thrilled to share this beautiful studio space with our friends at Thoughtbox Visuals.  

We couldn't stop staring out the windows, and watching the people go by. We can't wait to be apart of this Gastown community. Already, we have met some amazing creatives in the building, and have had many coffees at Timbertrain down below our studio. It feels so good to get out of our living room, and finally be in the city while we work! My favourite part so far is being able to hear the boats and the Gastown clock nearby :) It's quite charming.

So far we have: 4 chairs. It's a start! 

We have lots of fun DIY's for the space up our sleeve, and can't wait to get started! We are excited to see all the collaborations that will take place in this space!

We can't forget this amazing plastic lawn table our friend Dwight picked up from the side of the road - HAH, it will due for now - plus, it matches our chairs! ;)  Our good friend Tony of Timshel Woodworking is building us a beautiful table, and we can't wait to put it in our space.

This is what Hazel thinks about our plastic lawn table.....

Thank YOU all, for your incredible amount of love and support with this new adventure. We know we couldn't be in this place without your support, and we appreciate it deeply. September is looking bright. 


Lindsay & Tegan .. ( and little baby Hazel)