In The Studio // Baby Wearing Style

I got pretty excited when I saw these pants last weekend at a Gap outlet for 16.99! I was killing some time before heading home on Saturday night, and I knew it would be a late one for Dan so I took my time and did some "window" shopping. Shopping is something that will always make me think of mom. She loved it and it was something we loved to do together. We didn't need to buy anything or be looking for anything in particular. We often spent most of our holidays, and lots of weekends doing it. I've found myself the last few Saturday's wandering around Main Street popping into little shops I've never been in, thrifting and grabbing a bite with Hazel. The only dangerous thing is it's a bit too easy to justify buying all the cute things for Haze because I know mom would love it ;)

I seriously love love my Bryr clogs. I wear them every chance I get! I think I need to save my pretty pennies for a lower pair so I can wear them everyday. 

This Solly wrap is my go-to carrier for Hazel. It's so great for studio days when she's a bit fussy, or needs to just be cuddled. It usually knocks her out and she has a nice long nap and I get heaps done, best ever!

Pants - Gap
Shoes - Bryr
Wrap - Solly Baby
Watch - Filippo Loreti