Lately Lovings // Around the Bathroom

We have a super tiny bathroom, and when we moved in it was all painted beige. To brighten the space we painted it white and changed our yellowish lightbulb to a white bulb. It made a huge difference and the space felt much cleaner.

We don't have any storage, so adding a cute basket on top of the toilet with our towels as well as a candle, works as a cute addition to our little corner.

Here are all my essentials, including my Mom's Pink House Organics Deodorant, Dry Shampoo (which you can buy in our shop) and her Face Wash (which she named after me ;))

One of my favourite products for my dry hair is Beverly Hills Masque. It works SO well. You leave it in for 5-10 minutes while you are showering and it really helped repair my hair. My favourite shampoo is from Trader Joes! Eucalyptus and peppermint, my favourite smell combo! Their Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo as well as their conditioner is amazing (and cheap). 

I also looooove Kevin Murphy's Easy Rider Anti Frizz Cream. It is perfect for taming my dry frizzy hair. 

Also can't live without our Treasures Shop Hair pins for those top knot days.

* This is not a sponsored post, all of these products I bought and use on the daily *

We love using handmade soap! We got this activated charcoal soap from Moon River Naturals, and the one on the right is from our Sweet Mint Confetti from our Treasures Shop! I looooooove it.

We had gross ugly pipes that were an eyesore, so we decided to spray paint them copper! It worked so well and adds such a nice touch.

This "Should I wash my hair today?" print is my absolute favourite. It is so funny, and accurate. Makes me feel like I'm not alone in the struggle of just letting one more day slide by ;) You can get it here!