Watermelon Cake

I saw this Watermelon Cake on pinterest, and thought I would take a stab at it (pun intended).
I went camping with my friends recently, and thought it would be a simple and easy camping dessert to make! 

I picked up some Coconut shavings, berries, dried cranberries, and almonds / nuts for the toppings. You will need Cool Whip as well, If I wasn't camping I would have loved to try it with our ---> Coconut Whip Cream Recipe <--- YUM. 

Cut both ends of the watermelon off. (I didn't have a proper knife while I was camping so I had to use a hardcore pocket knife. Definitely cut myself, whoops)

Slice into the watermelon skin and cut all the way down to the bottom, leave a few inches and cut another line parallel to the first. Cut through the top of the watermelon peel and wedge your knife in between the melon and the skin. (The first section of the peel will be the hardest, but the rest comes off so easily) 

It had actually started to rain at this point, so I had to gather my watermelon project and set them inside for about 30 minutes and waited out the temperamental weather. HA, what can you do! 

Pat dry your watermelon with a paper towel, and then cover the watermelon with your whip cream! Sprinkle with coconut, and spread evenly over the sides of the watermelon. Decorate with almonds, nuts, and berries!