Rolling Huts // Washington

I (Lindsay) got the chance to visit and stay at the Rolling Huts in Washington! A few weeks ago, my friends and I packed our things and drove from Seattle back toward the Okanagan area for a weekend getaway.

We had some beautiful pit stops in the mountains, where we couldn't help but pull out our cameras and snap away at every angle. 

After a 3 hour drive, with one stop to grab groceries, we finally arrived at the huts. The clouds were dark, yet leaked in the golden sunlight. It was beautiful. 

We were all in awe at how magical it was, literally chasing rainbows inside the huts. The time of day just seemed to be perfect, and everything was beautiful. 

The huts are placed all in a line, with a look out to this stunning grassy field. We even saw some deer linger by in the early morning as we sipped our coffee and read some books. The mountains surrounded us on every side, it was incredibly peaceful.

The huts can fit up to 4 people comfortably. Two in the back in a bed, and these benches (below) can move and transform into another bed. The huts come fully furnished with plates, cutlery, microwave, heat, a fireplace,  electricity and even wifi. Pretty easy camping if you ask me ;)

The huts were so comfortable to hang out in. They had extra seating easily accessible from inside the hut, and chairs that turned into a love seat. Everything was easy and beautifully designed. 

Each hut had its own square picnic table surrounded by benches, perfect for everyone to gather together for meals.

There is a fun little path that leads to a trail, taking you through the forest toward the river nearby. We followed the leader, feeling like we were kids at a school camp, singing songs and skipping stones. 

My favourite part of camping, is making big meals together! We made tacos, as you can see in the video below. Look out for our camping taco post later this week!