Working From Home

For the past 8 months, Tegan and I have been working from home. We have enjoyed our quiet mornings, waking up a bit later than usual, making coffee and working from our couch. Life has been a whirlwind this year. Lots of changes have occurred. Some very tough and some very happy. 

This year we have faced a lot of challenges. In January, we moved our work from our studio in White Rock (about 45 min to an hour outside of the city)  back into our apartment building in Vancouver. Tegan and I happen to live in the same building, making our commute very tolerable ;) We definitely didn't expect this year to look the way it did. We faced the challenge of finding a  new direction for our blog back in January, at the same time as finding out about our mother having terminal cancer. We walked alongside our beautiful Mother, through her tough journey, and balanced the sorrow of her suffering, with the joy of Tegan's baby Hazel on her way. Our Mother passed away a few weeks ago, and we have taken the time we needed away from the blog to be with our family. 

We have had quite the adjustment from creating all of our posts in our studio to in our apartment. For every post we rearrange our furniture, and have to be pretty creative in different ways to manipulate the small space that we have. (We will be showing you some of our tips and tricks on how to create simple and clean posts with some must-have props- later on this week). 

We are SO excited to announce that Tegan and I just signed a lease for a brand new studio!! We will be working in Gastown, in a dreamy space. We get the keys this week, and we can't wait to show you! We will have lots of DIY's and space transformation posts to share with you! 

What a year we have had, and we are SO excited and really ready for a new season. As we go into this fall we anticipate new beginnings and new opportunities with this brand new space. We will be working alongside some of our good friends from Thoughtbox Visuals, an amazing Vancouver Film Company you MUST to check them out.

We sincerely want to THANK YOU all, from the bottom of our hearts for the support, love and prayers over this past year with the challenges we have faced. Its a pretty cool experience to walk through a journey with you guys, and to have a platform online where we can feel confident to be honest about our struggles and our joys. Your open arms as well as your encouragement is what has kept us going, and has allowed us the freedom to be vulnerable. What a gift.

CAN'T WAIT to share all the new experiences with you this fall!! WE LOVE YOU all!

Lindsay & Tegan