Halfmoon Bay

It's hard to believe that our summer is coming to an end! August was the month where both Lindsay and I had the chance to have a little getaway that were both so good for our souls and well beings. She shared her adventures in the Rolling Huts last week which looked so dreamy! Dan and I had the chance to spend a few days at the Sunshine Coast at a little airbnb we rented in Halfmoon Bay. It was the most beautiful little carriage house right on the water with a comfy king size bed and a kitchen where we got to cook a few yummy meals. Sadly we had to cut our trip in half when Hazel came down with a high fever and found out she had an infection, but the few days we got was still worth it and a fun little taste of holidays that we both really needed. 

We only had a day and a half (not our expected 4 days!) but it was still full of lots of long walks, some swimming, take out pizza, a really late sleep in followed by a tasty home cooked brekky with local eggs and bacon. We were right down the street from the famous Halfmoon Bay general store where we stocked up on wine, chocolate and groceries. 

The water was right outside our front door and that first night I got to experience something I have always dreamed of seeing, the luminescence! We splashed our hands through the water to see it light up like glow in the dark stars, it was so magical.  

I love ferry rides. I can just stare at the water for ages. Also, we're all about the baby carrying! the Ergo and Solly are our go-to's, she loves them, almost instantly falls asleep and she is so easy to take anywhere with them. 

I wrote more in detail about our scary experience with Hazel on my personal blog here.