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The weather is still hot, hot, hot, but this week I had my first excited-for-fall-feeling. It's funny how quickly that can happen! It seems like Summer just came yesterday, but we’ve had such an intense hot month that I’m actually excited for cooler weather, and to be able to wear pants again! I looooooove the heat, but with a newborn it’s just too much to handle, she gets fussy and doesn’t sleep very well, plus when it’s cooler I get to dress her in all the adorable clothes.

I’ve been so excited to go out and buy a new pair of high-waisted jeans. I’ve had it on my list ever since Hazel was born and my body would be “normal,” again. My body is just different now, maybe I’ll fit the pants I did pre-pregnancy, maybe I won’t, but that doesn’t mean that going a size or two up is a bad thing! I can still feel great rocking some denim, even if they’re a little bigger than what I’m used to. ;) So i’m taking advantage of Target’s free shipping and free returns until the 15th and trying out some styles I wouldn’t usually go for! I usually go straight for high waisted, skinny black jeans, but I ventured out and got a lot of lighter washes, and even some flares, I know, they remind me of 9th grade and it’s kind of amazing.  

I love these dark distressed jeans, these ones were a bit of a risk because they're jeggings and midrise, a waistline  I usually wouldn't go for unless they're boyfriend jeans! but I love them, they’re really stretchy, so I’m going to exchange them for a size smaller so they’re a tighter fit.

I actually kind of love these! I’ve been looking for a pair of flared pants, and I think these may be them, they’re high waisted which I love! I think they’d be cute with birks and a tank in the fall, they remind me of all the 70’s show episodes I’ve been watching lately.

These ones are my favourites and I’m amazed how well they fit! I kind of guessed on all of the sizes, not really knowing what size I am anymore, but these fit so great, they’re higher waisted, stretchy but not too much and perfectly distressed, I think these are my new go-to jeans if we get a day cool enough to wear them!

Yes, perfect boyfriend jeans, these are soft and comfy and don’t have any stretch, so you know they’re only going to get better with time, not stretch out! I went a size up in these thankfully because I like the relaxed fit on them. Again, they’re perfectly distressed, casual and comfy!

Now to convince Dan to let me keep all of them ;) but honestly, I’m amazed how well these fit, I’m going to exchange two of them for smaller sizes, and still deciding on the flares. I’m not sure if I can pull those off, but that’s the fun of taking advantage of this promotion. It’s not like I’ve got time to go denim shopping with a 2 month old! So try it out, have some fun and try different styles or washes you wouldn’t normally go for! I’m actually so excited I finally have some fitted jeans that fit and look good!

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