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I can't say enough good things about the absolutely beautiful work of my good good friend Tony of Timshel Woodworking. BUT, then again, I think his work speaks for itself :). 

I got the pleasure of visiting Tony at his work studio a few weeks ago, and was completely blown away while he worked at one of his coffee tables. The amount of tedious and carefully thought out piecing together that goes into creating each product he makes is remarkable. I am so excited to see where his business takes him. 

Tony is all about doing everything with precision and purpose. He doesn't take any short cuts, and made that very evident as I watched him cut and place all the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle he made up himself. His beautiful wife Sharis helps him scheme up some of the table designs! Check out more of his work here. He is always down to collaborate and design specifically with you and for your home or work space, so be sure to send him an email if you are interested in one of his products or a similar one! 


It was so fun to visit his little garage workshop in Seattle. Tony is the most down to earth guy, and is so humble about the work that he does. He is incredibly hard working, and it sure pays off with the beauty of these tables/wooden pieces. Now that is a business we are so proud to promote and stand by! 


Follow them on Instagram too!! @timshelwoodworking


Thank you Tony for letting me come by your studio and show off your INSANELY beautiful wood work. You are awesome and we love Timshel Woodworking!

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