Lets Talk // A little Update

Hey friends! WOW this month has flown by. Hazel will be 5 weeks tomorrow! There really isn't a whole lot more going on in my life these days other than this girl, so naturally I'm filling my Sunday update all about her. Being a mom is wonderful, exhausting, fulfilling, and...exhausting, but my heart is so full. It's funny, because I'm really not doing a lot, but it's freaking tiring, and the lack of sleep doesn't help ;) I'm learning to take naps, I've never been a nap person, but that's quickly changing. 

I made this little video from our first 2 weeks with Haze, Dan had the two weeks off, so this time was so special. I'm trying my best to film little every day snippets with her because I really want to keep making little videos to capture her early days, I mean, home videos can't become a thing of the past! This song is extra special because it was played during the ceremony at our wedding as I walked down the aisle!

I recently updated my personal blog as well, it's not finished, and probably won't be for a while because free time is precious these days, but I'm going to be posting lots of daily snippets over there >> theklennersblog.com

I hope you're having an amazing Summer!