Piper + Scoot // Beach day with the babe

Firstly I have to say thank you Piper + Scoot for making this bathing suit! Having a baby on the cusp of Summer is a blessing in so many ways. The long days that make 4am feedings less painful and daily Summer strolls with Hazel in nothing but her cute tiny diaper. The only downside is having absolutely none of my Summer wardrobe fit me! I guess I hadn't quite thought it through that after having a baby it would take time for me to fit back into my regular clothes, and I'm not complaining about my body changing, I didn't put on too much weight during my pregnancy, but still, any shorts without an elastic waistband I can't wiggle up past my thighs. So comfy pants all Summer it is! Anyway, this bathing suit, it's amazing. The material is thick and the super high waist is perfect for a post-preggo belly.

Last week Lindsay, Hazel and I headed down to Kitsilano Beach! This is my go-to beach. It's not my most favourite one in Vancouver but it's the closest to home, and easiest for me to get to. Dan and I often head here on Summer nights and eat dinner on a blanket on the sand. Linds and I wandered down the path west of the regular beach spot and found the coziest little spot! I think it was called Wilderness Beach or something like that. There were lots of big viney trees and big flat rocks, it was the perfect shady spot to hang out with Hazel! 

My little buddy. I love these photos, I can't wait to get to know this little girl and see her personality, she's so sweet.

Bathing suit | bottoms | top | (I'm wearing both in medium)