Oh La La // French Toast & Affagato

For so long I was frustrated with how to eat a pomegranate! I don't know why it took me so long to google it, but once I did, I realized its SO simple! 

Unless you like digging around in there, and picking them out one by one and getting your fingers all messy, (which can be fun) there is a much simpler solution. Cut the pomegranate in half, squeeze it a little bit, and hit the outside with a spoon. Give it some good whacks and all the pieces come out! It's AMAZING.


Nothing like a weekend brunch drizzled with berries and syrup. Pick up a fresh loaf of bread, and with a simple french toast recipe, just lather it with berries and a bit of syrup and your good to go. 


Have you ever tried affogato at home? I picked up some french vanilla ice cream and poured some coffee on it. I made a small batch of aeropress, but if you have an espresso machine, a shot of espresso would be so perfect. Mmmmmmm!