Hair Tutorial // High Copper Pony

We are absolutely loving adding copper to your hair style! Whether its tubes, clips, or wire, it's SUCH a fun way to spice up your hair-do. With the help of Kassandra from Kassinka Hair Blog- we put together this simple high pony tutorial! 

It's so simple, but GREAT for summer. I just love the high pony's lately. You don't have to have a huge head of hair like our adorable friend Julia here, short pony's, thinner pony's, silky pony's, messy curly pony's are SO fun too- most hair types look great in a high pony! I kinda feel like a cheerleader when I have a pony like this moving back and forth when I walk. It's quite fun ;) 


Gather all your hair into a top pony tail- if you can't seem to get your pony high enough, it sometimes helps to hang your head upside down and gather it, then elastic it.

Pull at your pony creating more height, and then pull the hair at the front of your head to add a bit of volume, so it isn't so tight by your forehead- (if it's too tight, I notice it can cause me a headache! )


Add copper wire around the elastic! You can tuck a piece of the wire into the elastic and start wrapping around the elastic until it is completely covered. Use as much wire as you want! (You can find it at any craft store) Since our friend Julia had such huge lovely locks we helped Kassandra a bit with this tutorial ;) (see photo above)

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